Okumera Consulting

your Partner in Transformational Entrepreneurship
We provide Strategic and Transformational inputs aimed at Facilitating meaningful collaboration on common Socio-Economic and Sustainable agendas to Corporations, Institutes, Impact Investors and High Impact Entrepreneurs (also known as 'Social Entrepreneurs'). These inputs are facilitated through interaction with its Strategic Business Units namely:

Okumera Consulting

A strategic business development consultancy focused on the enhancement of Impact Investors, Corporate, Institutes and High Impact Enterprises. Okumera Consulting provides the following services to its clients:
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  • Facilitation of Stakeholder Dynamics
  • Inclusive Business and Concept Development
  • Strategic Business and Project Advice
  • Company Assessments (for High Impact Enterprise Development)
  • Business Opportunities Alignment
  • Marketing
  • Philanthropy Consulting
  • Project Research and Activation

The Transformer

This is a project based initiative focused on driving support for socio – economic challenges that affect broad groupings across dedicated developmental zones. With this initiative relevant resources are strategically aligned to aid in advancing a solutions based regime in response to commonly identified socio-economic challenge. To ensure autonomy of agenda The Transformer fosters developmental partnerships or associations, which seeks to ensure:
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  • Access to broad communication platforms
  • Transformational business coaching
  • Well researched project ideas
  • Shared value systems

Okumera Capital

This is an Impact Investing initiative aimed at assisting promising entrepreneurial projects with the structured financial impetus enabling them to become sustainable and grow to its full potential. Current geo-capital focus and mainly invests and facilitates project finance for projects which solve local challenges with continental applications.
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The chief mandate of this financial intervention is to effect:
  • Creation of awareness of investment opportunities
  • Harnessing the collective ability of impact investors with respect to specific projects
  • Coordination of funding opportunities
  • Direct investment in selected social enterprises
  • Connecting impactful investors with socio-economic projects