Okumera Consulting

your Partner in Transformational Entrepreneurship
We provide Strategic and Transformational inputs aimed at Facilitating meaningful collaboration on common Socio-Economic and Sustainable agendas to Corporations, Institutes, Impact Investors and High Impact Entrepreneurs (also known as 'Social Entrepreneurs').

Meaning of OKUMERA

Okumera as the Ugandan name suggests which is to sprout, new beginning, seeks to foster new and better alternative realities to communities who are exposed to the challenging consequences of global economic and social conforms.


Okumera Consulting is a function of the passion of Datje van Reijendam to be relevant and a promoter of change in the world. Her travels on the African continent moved her to become an active participant in creating a social paradigm of social and economic harmony. This global citizen started her career which includes experience in both social and corporate institutions in Europe, the Far East and Africa resulting in a well defined skill set which include:
  • Consulting and Mentoring
  • Networking, Identifying and Facilitating Business Synergies
  • Mediation of Stakeholder Dynamics
  • Management & Developmental Intervention
  • Clients Engagements for Impact Investors with respect to specific projects
  • Retail Buying
  • Inclusive Business and Concept Development
Her extensive expertise ranging from working in highly commercial environments in the Textile and Trade industry in Europe and the Far East, establishing her own Food company (which became a finalist of the “Symrise new food product competition” in 2008) in South Africa and working for & with NGO’s in (East) Africa. With these extensive skills which spans over more than 25 years Datje felt qualified to give expression to her desire of becoming a change agent and started Okumera Consulting, as the vehicle to embody this unique brand of change. Over the years, Datje has built up an extensive network of contacts within government organizations, NGO’s and business institutions in Africa especially in South Africa (which she currently calls home), Uganda and Kenya.

Her experience in rendering business development advice and facilitation services to International and (South) African Corporations, Institutes, Impact Investors and High Impact Entrepreneurs as well as to Family and Philanthropic Foundations has become an invaluable centre to the Okumera value proposition. Datje’s talent for connecting people and organizations, her ability to identify business opportunities and her holistic business approach which includes fostering collaboration, simplicity of process and integrity embodies the Okumera ethos of creating global change through ordinary people with extraordinary ideas.